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Why You Should Do Patent Searches?

You’ve got a great idea that you just know will be a hit product if you could only get it made and into the marketplace. You know that you need to get a patent to get the ball rolling, but don’t have a clue how to patent an invention. Luckily, there are plenty of great informational resources online that shows you how to go about getting a patent.

Do Some Background Research

First of all, ideas are a dime a dozen, so you need to do some preliminary checking to see if your idea is already being sold by someone else. Type the word “buy” plus a short description of your idea into the search engine and see what comes up. If there’s nothing that is similar, you can start to document your idea on paper as a way of proving that it is actually unique and novel. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is the one that will ultimately determine whether you’ve got a truly unique idea.

All patent applications in the U.S. go through the US Patent office, but you don’t want to rush and file for a patent before doing your homework. Documenting your invention on paper is just one of the things you need to do before applying for a patent. Another tedious, but mandatory step is conducting a thorough patent search for similar inventions. Because the world we live in is huge, and there are many other creative people like you living in it, you can’t just assume that your particular idea is unique.

Even if there isn’t anything out there on the market yet, someone else could still hold a patent on the exact same idea. More than one person thought up many inventions that are a part of your everyday life. It’s just that the person who was first in filing for a patent got all the glory and monetary rewards.

fore investing in technology is critically important to carry out good a patent search. We suggest you reach out to InventHelp, they have been helping inventors to their initial stage of the patent to marketing their products to the audience for a long time. You can follow them on Facebook here:  and stay updated with their work and news.


Novelty Searches

Before applying for a patent: In order for a patent to be granted or design registered the patent office will examine the application for the patentable subject matter, innovation, and not obviousness. Should they find your invention in the previous art, your application may be denied. Before you invest large amounts of money in acquiring a patent, you need to have a real basis for believing that it will be accepted. A proper search will not only determine whether an idea is patentable but also which aspects of the idea are patentable and how properly delineate the novel aspects of the invention. Such a search requires intensive interaction between patent experts and the inventor and cannot be handled in a one shot manner.

Before investing in a patent: The patent office is not perfect. Thousands of patents are granted, but will not hold up in litigation. A proper understanding of the technical and legal issues surrounding a patent and its prosecution history is critical in order to help investors make sound decisions.

Freedom to Operate Searches

Before marketing a product: Marketing a product is a big investment. Before making that investment you need to know whether there is a risk that you will be sued for infringing somebody else’s patent. You need to know not only whether a patent exists but also who holds the patent, how strong is the patent, and what the patent covers.

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