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TunesKit iOS System Recovery Is An Ultimate Tool To Fix All iOS Problems

Apple’s devices have always been the most popular ones. A lot of people like to use an iOS device and that can be an iPhone, iPod or iPad. The main reason for this is that iOS is easy to use.

While this is true, it is also true that even iOS devices sometimes have issues like most other operating systems. There can be software issues in them that are difficult to deal with at times. However, most people avoid taking it to the Apple service center because doing so can be expensive and time-consuming. Now, the good news is that you can easily resolve most of the issues with iOS with the help of the TunesKit iOS system recovery software. Let’s have a look at what all this tool can do for you.


What is TunesKit iOS System Recovery Software?

It is basically a diagnostics tool that works for Windows and Mac operating systems. TunesKit iOS System Recovery software helps in identifying and resolving the common iOS issues. You won’t have to run to the Apple technician every time you are in trouble with your iPhone. Even if you are stuck in the recovery mode, DFU mode, or with the white Apple logo, you can get help. The same thing applies to the black, blue, disabled or frozen screen. The software is capable enough to bring your device back to normal regardless of it being an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod.

TunesKit iOS System Recovery software is a great repair tool that will fish you out of trouble. It is so easy to use that you won’t be requiring expert guidance.

Commonly faced issues

There are few common issues that people using iOS devices face every now and then. They can be fixed with TunesKit iOS System Recovery software. Here is a list of the problems:

  • The iOS device getting stuck with the “Connect to iTunes” message on the screen.
  • The device getting stuck with a black screen.
  • The iPhone getting stuck with the Apple logo on the screen.
  • Inability to get out of the headphone mode.
  • Device getting stuck with the “Slide to Upgrade” message on the screen.
  • Device getting stuck in the recovery or DFU mode.
  • The device getting stuck while recovering data.
  • Device freezing randomly.
  • Device having boot loop issues.
  • Your iPhone or iPad getting bricked.
  • Device getting crashed frequently.
  • An error occurring during activation.
  • The device having blue screen error.
  • Problems with turning on iPad and iPhone.
  • Device getting switched OFF randomly.
  • Red screen problem with the device.
  • The inability of the phone to switch OFF.
  • An issue with device updation.
  • The device gets stuck on the loading screen.
  • Data restoration problem on iPhone or iPad.
  • Inability to charge the phone.
  • Non-availability of network signal on iPhone.

All these problems can get resolved easily with TunesKit iOS System Recovery software.

How helpful is TunesKit iOS System Recovery software?

The iOS recovery system from the house of TunesKit is quite efficient and easy to use. The software developers came up with this tool to help all those who are facing issues with the devices that support iOS. The most exciting feature of this software is that it is user-friendly and does not require any kind of expertise.

Here is how you can use it to fix devices,

1. Launch the app on the computer and connect the iOS device using a USB cable.


2. Wait for the device to get detected. Upon being found, select the mode you wish to use and click on ‘Next’.


3. Now, select your device’s model and follow the instructions on the screen to put the iOS device in the recovery mode.


4. A firmware package will be downloaded on to the device and once it is done, you have to click on the repair button. Doing so will automatically repair your device!


Always keep your device connected to the computer when it is being repaired by the software. Once that is done, you can use your device again.

What has been discussed above is the standard mode, in case you are choosing the advanced mode, the device has to be set up as a new one.

As you can make out, all of the tasks are automated and hassle-free. You simply have to plug in your device into the computer and run the TunesKit iOS System Recovery software.

The added advantage of using this tool is that you will not lose any data from your iPhone or iPad. Everyone has valuable photos, videos and a lot more stored in their device. How can you possibly afford to lose all of them? This is one reason why people are hesitant to get the issue in their iPhone resolved. However, with TunesKit around, you won’t have to think twice. Their tool will fix the problem in your device without any data loss. Isn’t that wonderful?

However, please bear in mind that this tool only fixes software issues and not hardware related ones.

How is TunesKit iOS System Recovery software priced?

The iOS System Recovery Mac tool and the one for Windows is priced the same. The software’s single license will cost you $39.95 for a lifetime for one device and if you wish to use it for 2 to 5 devices, you have to go in for the family license that costs $49.95. There is also a multi-user license for 6 to 10 devices and that costs $69.95.

When you purchase these licenses, you will get lifetime free software updates and technical support. What more can you ask for?

The bottom line

This iOS System Recovery Mac and Windows tool are immensely helpful in resolving issues related to iOS devices namely iPhone, iPad, and iPod. You need not be a software or mobile phone expert to fix the issues of the devices. You can do it all by yourself. This software can really be a savior as you won’t lose the data of your devices when you get them fixed.

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