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4 Tips for Streaming Via Netflix

4 Tips for Streaming Via Netflix

The best streaming media service in the world is indeed YouTube, but if it’s a problem streaming various popular TV programs and the best films, Netflix is ​​the most appropriate answer. But unfortunately, the best and most popular TV and Film stream services on this one have been blocked in Indonesia, so you can’t access them in the usual way. If you want to access it, maybe you should read this Netflix guide to find out how best to enjoy the various content that is in it.

There are several things that make Netflix services blocked in Indonesia, some of which are such as content that is too vulgar, many violent actions, adult scenes without censorship, and many other problems. However, for those of you who might still be curious about what content is presented in this best TV and Film stream service, there are still a number of ways that can be done, besides the interesting ways that have been presented in the link, here are some other tips which can be followed.

For various tips that we will share here, it is so simple and can be used as a reference so that you can access Netflix on your Smartphone, Tablet, even Computer. Now, have you been curious, what are the tips that allow us as Indonesian citizens to access the most popular TV and Film streams? Come on, just go ahead and see the full discussion below.

Top Streaming Tips Via Netflix

Using Anonymox for Desktop Browsers

This anonymous is one of the most trusted add-ons for IP disguise and location problems that can be installed in the Google Chrome browser application or Mozilla Firefox on your Computer / Laptop device. So, when you activate the add-ons, the Netflix service can be enjoyed in a large screen without having to bother installing the application first.

Actually, we can open this Netflix site by using Proxysite, but unfortunately when you bypass using the service, then you cannot log in and enjoy various TV broadcasts and also movie shows in it, there will be an error when you click the Sign-in or Log in. Different from Anonymox which gives you the freedom to explore anywhere, because these add-ons are not for bypassing sites, but rather changing your location and Public IP.

For how to install it yourself it is very easy, you only need to open the Google Chrome browser application or Mozilla Firefox installed on the Computer / Laptop >> type Anonymox in the search column >> click the top search result (not ads) >> click the Install button. Once installed, you will find an icon from the Anonymox in the top menu bar, find and activate the add-ons to start opening Netflix indefinitely.

Note: The drawback is, in free mode your internet speed will be slower. Different when you subscribe to Anonymox, you can enjoy the fastest connection according to the normal internet speed.

Using Express VPN for Mobile Browsers

There are a lot of VPN applications available on Smartphone devices, but the most recommended is an Express VPN where you can enjoy faster and more stable internet speeds. You can get this application through the Google Play Store or the App Store for free.

After this application is installed, then the next step is to open the VPN application first and activate the service, then you can open the browser application that is installed on each of your cellphones and enter the address to start accessing it.

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