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Different India Visa

Different India Visa Types That You Must Know

The Indian visa is a travel document granted to foreign visitors, by the Indian visa authorities. It allows stays India for up to a set period, entry into India, exit out of India, and transit through India.

Depending on the India visa application’s purpose, there are several categories of visas issued to visitors. Below is a brief outline of the types of India visas grant for visitors depending on the nature of their trip.

India Tourist Visas

An India tourist visa is granted for up to 6 months by the Indian embassy. This visa can be granted for people looking to visit for tourist purposes. Depending on your application request, this can be for a single, double or multi-entry visa. A tourist visa does not permit visitors to work on this visa.

There are plenty of states where people around the world visit to India like Delhi. In this state, you won’t find any trouble getting your visas as there are plenty of Visa Agency Delhi services you get in touch with before you come.

A transit visa is also available, which allows travelers to transit India. Note, that proof of inward and onward travel is required for this.

India Business Visas

An India business visa allows visitors to undertake business activities whilst in India, although it does not permit employment or work. The business visa can be valid from anywhere from 3 months to 5 years, although it is common that the longest India visa available is 1 year or 6 months.

To obtain an India business visa, a letter of invitation is required from the host company in India stating the purpose of your trip on their letterheaded paper. A letter of support from the UK employer is also required. Note that the business visa does not allow for employment in India.

India Work Permits

An Indian employment visa is granted to those who have employment set up with an Indian employer. The work permit is often between 1 and 2 years but can be extended beyond this period after expiration. To get more information you can contact the visa assistance team or firm.

To obtain an Indian work permit, the high commission of India will need to see the contract from the employer in India that is signed by both yourself and them. A letter of invitation supporting this is also required. Note, that the employment visa is only applicable for employment by a particular company. If you change employer in India, then a new visa will be required.

India Student Visas

An Indian student visa can be obtained for the purposes of study within India at an official college or educational institution. To obtain an India visa for students going to India, a curriculum of studies will be required by the school outlining the educational content, along with a receipt from the visa applicant proving payment to the faculty for the course.

India Long terms visas

An India long term visa is a 5-year visa given to those of Indian origin, whether they were born in India, or have immediate family members that have Indian heritage. Note that although a 5-year visa is given, each stay in India is not to be longer than 180 days.

The high commission of India will only issue a 5-year visa if proof of Indian origin is given. For example, if the applicant can provide an old Indian passport, a certificate of naturalization to the UK, an India birth certificate. If it is the spouse of an Indian person, or someone holding a 5 year India visa, then a photocopy of the marriage certificate is required

India Transfer Visas

If an applicant holds a long term visa, and the validity of this surpasses the time that is left on the passport, then they can use a transfer form in order to transfer the visa from the old passport to the new passport. There is a minimal fee for this.

Processing Times

Depending on the type of visa you are applying for, and the documents required, each visa case is different; although typically for uk passport holders, most of the visas can be obtained in 3 days from submission into the embassy.

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