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How To Improve The Design Of A Blog?

How To Improve The Design Of A Blog?

Knowing how to improve the design of a blog can really make a difference when confronting the opinion of users. A messy, saturated, or incomprehensible design is like a trampoline where all visitors will bounce.

The design of a blog is directly related to the user experience and usability of the site, so it doesn’t matter how good headlines or content you have, or how well you do in the SERP. If your design is bad, your page will not stay in the first place for long.

Strategies to improve the design of a blog

There are many specific strategies that can help improve every aspect of blog or website design. But it is of utmost importance to understand general aspects that go beyond subtleties of color or shape.

While you can follow these strategies, but still you need some knowledge. However, if you’re completely new to this website design and development stuff, you can always higher web designing services to build your website for your business and personal uses.

Therefore, we will show you below the main points that you must work in terms of designing your blog to achieve considerable improvement and the specific strategies to achieve each point depend on your type of blog and your ingenuity.

Structural design

The first thing to keep in mind when it comes to blog design is structural design. Although this is not part of the graphic design but of the content strategy, it is necessary to mention it in this article.

You must create a pyramidal structure of content where your main word is above and from there the themes begin to come off as in a concept map.

This in order to achieve a perfect network of topics that allows, on the one hand, to create a logical sequence of internal links and, on the other hand, to make it clear to the search engines that we are experts in the subject and work on it schematically.

Corporate image design

Now, as for graphic design, the first thing you should do is think of good design for your corporate image. This involves many things, but we will quickly tell you the main factors to consider.

Company name: Based on this, we must design a logo, either in image or letters, select a corporate color or several. Try not to be too many so you don’t have cost overruns or problems for the applications.

Record the color codes you chose so that you always work your applications with them, you can create a corporate image manually and record the designs in the different formats and the color references there.

Applications and sizes

Now analyze all the applications that you are going to use in the different spaces of your blog and in your social networks. Normally in WordPress and the most popular page editors, the appropriate size for the application is indicated in each space.

You can use Apps like Canvas or other similar ones that allow you to design without the need for knowledge on the subject. There you can modify the sizes and shapes until you achieve what you want, do not be afraid of this type of thing just take a good time and you will see that it is easy for you.

Graphic environment and colors

Once the corporate image is established and the applications are developed, it is time to think about the graphic environment, that is, the rest of the blog space, border backgrounds, stripes, empty spaces, headlines, in short, everything that is not an application or image as such.

The environments must be appropriate to the corporate image and use the colors of the same or some that generate a harmonious contrast with these, beware of strong or garish contrasts that can be annoying for users.

Fair use images

When getting the photos to improve the design of a blog, the ideal is to pay in an image bank and access them or, failing that, access a free image bank.

You should pay special attention to this and not download images directly from Google if you don’t have permission to use them. The fines are really serious and you can end up in a legal mess and lose your blog and even more.

Interactive elements and icons

Finally, another strategy that we want to tell you about how to improve the design of a blog is that you take advantage of the icons and interactive elements such as buttons or counters to give it a little imagination.

For example, if your blog is soccer, how about putting balls on the icons or flags of the teams according to the type of information. Also, put counters like the stadium boards, and even in the complaints and claims section, you can include a yellow or red card.

Anyway, we know that it does not seem something very original and in fact, it is not, but it is a strategy that you must use almost obligatorily (With discretion and without saturating) and we did not want to pass it by if someone had not thought about it.

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