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Great Manager

How to be a Great Manager

So how can you be a “great manager”? The things that had sown previously have brought you the harvest today. So if you want something different, you have to sow something different today to harvest that tomorrow. There’s no other way to get there.

Same Actions deliver Same results

Like  Marcus Buckingham puts it in Harvard Business Review that “there is one quality that sets truly great managers apart from the rest: They discover what is unique about each person and then capitalize on it. Average managers play checkers, while great managers play chess. ” In chess, each type of piece moves differently, and to win you need to know how to move them together.

Similarly, great managers know and value the unique abilities and even the eccentricities of their employees, and they learn how best to integrate them into a coordinated plan of attack.

So what should you know about your team members?

What motivates your team members?

People are generally motivated by something from within (a desire to achieve), something outside (like recognition, money, or a promotion), the greater good for a team, company, Country, or some combination of these 3 things. Once you identify what motivates each of your team members, come up with a clear set of goals on what is required from them, and explain how achieving those goals will help them achieve their personal goals. Try a formal performance management software system and ensure you set correct KPIs such that employees can check how are they performing and identify areas of improvement. Always remember that “what gets measured, gets done.”

In the past life, when we consistency not able to achieve 99% on-time delivery(OTD), we worked with the team to come up with new KPI’s, showed them how to calculate it and display it on their dashboard and then HR to split up compensation into Fixed pay + Variable Pay and Variable pay was directly proportional to KPI’s and explained to team members

95% of OTD KPI = 20 % of bonus pay,

96% of OTD KPI = 40 % of bonus pay,

97% of OTD KPI = 60 % of bonus pay,

98% of OTD KPI = 80 % of bonus pay,

99% of OTD KPI = 90 % of bonus pay,

100% of OTD KPI = 100 % of bonus pay

In less than 3 months we were at 99% OTD and when members were not able to achieve it, they always had a solution on how to make it 100%.

The second you should know about your team members is their strength


It is critically important for you to know your team member’s strengths and how they fit into the big picture. You can learn about their employees based on the information they share in their profiles, and make decisions accordingly. For example, if a member of your team expresses a strong interest in astronomy fashion on LinkedIn, then he might be a better fit to assign to a prospective client like SpaceX than on Gucci.

If someone on your team is known to be well organized, they may be the right fit for organizing on all the team documents, while those who are detailed oriented are naturally good at QA, for Project Coordination and the one who gets along with all may also be a natural diplomat.

Additionally, seek out some honest feedback from your team in how their teammates are doing. You could ask about the areas of motivation, organization, communication, and training.

Additional skills that you will need to practice in your daily situation daily tasks as a manager are:

Patience: No matter how good your plan is there will be something different that comes your way and you will need patience capacity to accept or tolerate delays, problems without becoming annoyed or anxious. Take time to choose your response to a given event, rather than getting swayed by the moment. If you are corned into a situation, where you have to say something use the phrase, “I need to think about this before I can respond”.

Thoughtfulness: Thoughtfulness is about more than being nice, it implies consideration. Asking a few questions is all it takes to uncover useful information and enrich the relationship.

Utilize a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to keep track of your communications with employees but, If someone says they’re struggling with something, don’t just express concern: Make an honest attempt to help them and check back later to see how they’re doing.

Fairness: One of the most difficult tasks in your managerial role will be to strive for fairness. One easy way to navigate it is by asking yourself

” Was your decision-making process fair for everyone involved? ” for you all your managerial decisions. You can be sure that your team will be discussing your decisions and the member that is disadvantaged is likely going to perceive your decision as unfair.

You may identify outstanding employees who are capable of taking on more responsibilities but have not yet paid their dues. Promoting such employees may not be fair, but it could be the right thing to do.

No matter how you choose to implement it but to be a great manager, you have to turn your focus away from yourself and be able to empathize with the people who work for you.

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Stock Market For Beginners

Best Tips For Investing In The Stock Market For Beginners

When you face the stock market for the first time there are a number of preconceived ideas that it is important to avoid so that you are successfully investing your money without losing it and that you think that the stock market is for those who are lucky, have money and is full of speculators, who The latter is not false nor does it have to be bad.

Precisely the stock market, investing intelligently, is one of the ways to multiply your savings in the long term.

Invest in the stock market in the long term

The way to play on the stock market and make money is to invest in the long term. Not everyone has the stamina to wait years for your savings to multiply but it will be the only way that you do not lose a significant part of your money. Of course, the long term is not a guarantee of success but if you invest in the best funds and stocks in the long term it is difficult to lose money. Here you can see what we consider to be the best investment funds this year.

In addition to the patience you will need, it is important to know how to endure the fluctuations and periods of irrationality that occur in the bag. When the crisis and panic arrive, the stock market plummets without distinguishing between companies that deserve to go down and those that do not. If you trust your shares or investment funds, it is time to hold on or expand but if you are playing on the stock market or investing according to what they tell you and without conviction, you are going to want to get it all out before losing more.

If you want to invest on your own: Learn accounting

If you want to invest on your own, you will need accounting knowledge to know how to value companies. The problem is that you are going to need many hours not only to learn to value companies well but also to monitor your investments. For a beginning investor, we do not recommend that you start investing without having the necessary knowledge.

It is better that your money is handled by professionals in the sector with years of experience and low commissions. You could visit, an expert network that provides knowledge leaders for inventment consultations and guidance. In that, you can put your money into the correct investment plan and ensure a risk-free investment.

Once you learn accounting on your own, you can diversify between the funds you have already bought and the stocks you are valuing, but our recommendation is that before that you forget to buy on your own.

Learn from the mistakes of others

With training and reading books, take note of every mistake other investors have made to avoid them. In the end, it is inevitable to have to go through one of them to be noticed, but as far as you can try to avoid them. It doesn’t matter that others are getting rich faster than you. Don’t make mistakes for it.


Whether you invest in investment funds or stocks, always diversify. If you invest in stocks, don’t do it in the same sector or country. Today it is easy to invest in various parts of the world. Buy defensive sectors for times of crisis and avoid cyclical sectors.

Even if you like investing in stocks on your own, invest in funds also because there will always be a failure that you do not detect and that you can cover by being diversified with investment funds.

Delegate to others who have more knowledge and a professional career

We have highlighted it in several points, but it seems to us the most important advice for a beginner. There are many bankers, traders, brokers, among others, on the hunt for your money and they are not interested in making you win but in charging you commissions and courses with which you will continue to lose money.

Spend your time investigating the fund managers, their profitability in the last 5 years, the commissions they charge, penalties for withdrawing your money within a year, etc. With a good selection job, you’ll be able to sleep peacefully at night and better handle the tough times of falling in the bag.

By following these tips you will know how to invest in the stock market for beginners. We hope that our readers would find this article helpful. Make sure to leave your comments below. We would be happy to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Two Basics for Your Company: Public Relations and Communication Campaigns

Two Basics for Your Company: Public Relations and Communication Campaigns

If you do not know what are some of the main instruments that you can integrate into your communication plan to consolidate the image of your company, do not miss this post because in it I will tell you about two basic ones that you cannot forget for your company: Public relations and communication campaigns.

Both can be subcontracted by Tech PR agencies, or carried out by your own company… you decide;). Of course, both in one way and another, well-managed both tools can make your SME or company increase its benefits and above all improve its corporate image in the market.

Plan Your Public Relations Strategy

Through public relations, you can carry out a set of planned actions to create or consolidate the image of your company before the market, your audience, in short, before the audience that interests you. With this, you will be able to create and maintain the social relations of your company (be it an SME or a large company) with other social groups, institutions, associations… in which you are interested in impact. We can say that with public relations we seek maximum social acceptance towards our company, our brand, our products, and services.

Public relations are important to most of the businesses, no matter if they are special requirement firms like NED Recruitment agencies that build an advisory board within the startups and indulge with digital vendors like Data Room providers, Cloud services, etc., to grow businesses in most direction.

And what can we do within the field of public relations? Very simple, from actions as obvious as supporting and reinforcing the work of the marketing and sales departments, to preparing and supervising the specific actions of promotion and marketing of the products or services they represent; generate and maintain a favorable climate towards them through constant contact with different social agents, clients, suppliers, etc.

For example, a public relations strategy comes to mind to promote a children’s cartoon film before its movie premiere. Its promotion can be carried out through a public relations strategy in schools. For this, meetings with the school management must be planned and planned in advance in order to arrange the suitability of the free exhibition of the film in the center itself, have a group of prescribers for their recommendation to parents or guardians of minors, arrange the days and hours of the passes in each school, establish the age range of the students who will watch it, promote the film in shopping centers, children’s libraries, etc.

Another example, if your company develops a product or service for a specific sector and activity, you can contact business associations in that sector and arrange demonstrations for their associates.

Develop A Communication Campaign

The other instrument that we cannot forget our communication campaigns. A communication campaign can be defined as the set of messages and reports that the press office, internal or external, prepares and sends them to the media in order to make their content echo. In this way we will be able to create purchase expectations, sensitivity to public opinion, provide informative data, commercial content, etc.

With regard to communication campaigns, the most important functions could be summarized as follows: selection and preparation of the information produced by the company; transmission to the media or institutions where appropriate; reception, evaluation, and analysis of the information produced by the media; filtering and summarizing the information to facilitate it to the company management; intermediation between the company and the media to facilitate the information material they require as well as coordinate possible interviews, reports, etc. related to the company; control the climate of opinion that exists about the company such as those problems that may transcend the media, etc.

For example, in the case described above regarding the promotion of the cartoon film, one of the basic actions that must be carried out is to send the film and the press release on its synopsis to the various media. general and specialized (cinema, children, etc.), coordinate the management of media interviews with the director, manage the reports on famous actors who have put their voice in the dubbing, participate in reports on production techniques of the drawings animated, etc.

Well, I hope that with this you will be encouraged to create your own communication and public relations campaigns to promote your products and services or leave them in the hands of an agency.

Keys To Obtaining Clients With Marketing For Lawyers

Keys To Obtaining Clients With Marketing For Lawyers

All businesses seek to obtain clients. It is not a secret or a phrase worthy of a Nobel, I know. The challenge is when you are looking for clients in an online business, especially if you are a lawyer. It is when marketing for lawyers becomes extremely important.

What is more important? A dress suit or good content on your Facebook page? Will your customers care more about the first or the second?

In law firms, it is much easier to know how to approach the client, because the person who comes to an office has already obtained information about it, and is practically sure whether or not to choose the lawyer.

In online work it is more difficult, or rather, different: potential clients do not know you, nor do they know why they should choose you, and not the lawyer’s office that lives ten minutes from home, for example.

Consequently, you should be the one who knows who to contact, how, in what media, with what kind of language, and always knowing what problems they have and offering, in an attractive way, the solution to them.

In short: the key to getting clients is to do online lawyer SEO marketing, or rather, legal marketing, and attract the right audience that really represents the ideal client that comes to your office every day.

1. The content

By content, we understand having a legal blog as a resource center available to your potential clients.

The key to success in this regard is the quality of your website and / or blog from your office. It is the basis for any company, and you must take special care in the development and maintenance of your blog.

It is so important, that the content of your blog will also set the tone for the content you publish on social networks.

Your content is the virtual fingerprint of your brand, and it is what will help potential customers to follow and track you until they are interested in your services.

In addition, with good content, you will climb positions in Google and you will get many more followers on social networks.

Lawyer SEO marketing will come as long as you use good keywords, related to the theme of your office, the articles on your blog answer questions, provide confidence, and add value to those who read it.

Thus, those who find it will be fascinated and share it on their social profiles.

2. Social networks

For social networks, it is essential to amplify the content that you manage on your website or your blog, that is: of quality, fluid, easy to share, that generate ” engagement ” or commitment, and above all, conversation.

It is key that you know the difference, and know what is good for you: a megaphone or a magnet. Social networks should be used as tools to build relationships, where the ultimate goal is to help and add value to potential customers.

Don’t forget that without a relationship, the lawyer doesn’t get clients.

You must remember that social networks are not a sales channel, but a tool to find potential customers, connect with them, and take them to your website, where finally, you do have to work to convert them into customers.

3. Get emails or forms

Once you have activity, content, and traffic on your website and social networks, continue to attract and engage your potential customers, that is, get ‘leads’.

If you do email marketing, you must get the customer’s email, if you directly offer the service, you must obtain the information request or appointment.

For both objectives, offering valuable resources helps a lot: electronic books, videos, discount coupons, tools, or half an hour of free advice, for example, in exchange for requesting information or signing up for your newsletter.

4. Networking

Relationship building is the fastest and strongest way to get clients in lawyer SEO marketing, and you must be able to put together all the elements of the strategy to achieve that: relationship with your ideal client. Networking is not a phase, it is the aim of every action you perform.

The content you create must help your ideal client, strengthen trust in your office, and improve your relationship with your ideal client.


The key to making your web presence work is to create a comprehensive strategy that includes the website, the blog, the social networks with a single purpose: to create relationships. We hope that this article has answered your questions regarding Law firm SEO.

Boost Your Online Sales

10 Useful Tips to Boost Your Online Sales

Having an eCommerce website isn’t just enough to make sales. You would need to market your brand, make it visible to customers, build trust, and do many more things. There’s no doubt that doing so would take a good amount of time and effort. To make it a little bit easy, we have these useful tips to boost your online sales.

Today we present you this small decalogue that will help you improve the sales of your website or will also give you an idea of ​​what to do to achieve success if you are just starting out:

1. Simple navigation:

In order for your consumers to buy your product, they must know how to get to it.

Your site should be as simplified as possible so that customers can easily make the necessary maneuvers. Each category and subcategory should have a clear title and be placed in a relevant location on each page. Whether you look to build your eCommerce website or market it to correct customers, it is recommended to get help from professionals. There are plenty of companies that offer eCommerce solutions to get business and leads for your online store by marketing it to the correct consumers.

eCommerce Solutions is among these companies that offer solutions related to commerce branding, marketing, and strategic planning. You can visit their website here:

2. Install a search bar.

Although your store is easy to navigate, all successful eCommerce sites have a search bar. It is a simple and convenient way for customers to find exactly what they need. Make sure that each of the search terms gives a specific answer to what the customer is looking for.

3. Simple payment method.

The success of an online sale lies in the simplicity with which payments are made. Customers are more likely to buy the product if the payment is a single line and an address, that is, they do not need to return or redo processes that would end up driving them away.

As a data, an A / B test study determined a 20% improvement rate in online purchases when customers can make payments with a single click.

4. Additional features.

Although the payment process should be forward, users should not feel like they forgot something or were missing more options. Remember that some customers will buy your products as gifts, so you can offer them services such as wrapping, personalized notes or cards, returns, etc. These features give the customer more reasons to buy either for themselves or for someone else.

5. Love is born from sight.

Maybe you have invested a lot of time in the development of your product, why not show it in the best possible quality?

Presenting your products in a visually pleasing and captivating way is an excellent method of capturing the buyer’s attention.

6. Add details.

Basic information such as sizes, color, and availability are necessary, but data such as certain production details, how the shipment will be made, and what other customers comment on the product also help. Good information about your product is the most critical part when making a purchase decision.

7. Shipping.

Make sure your shipping costs appear before the customer goes to the payment process. The sooner they learn about the add-on charges, the less likely they are to leave the shopping cart. Once the sale has been made, some customers want to check the status of their purchase. Order tracking and history will help you automate customer service calls and processes.

8. Honesty above all.

No one likes to feel cheated after buying a product, especially one that they are not happy with. Make sure that your policies are always in view and in an understandable language so that your clients will know exactly what they are involved in.

Along the same lines, customers will appreciate sites that offer simple returns. Therefore, consider that your product will not always be for everyone and simplify returns for dissatisfied customers. Your considerations will not go unnoticed in sales.

9. Customize. Be human.

Customers appreciate the anonymity of online sales because it gives them privacy and trust. But a personalized shopping experience will bring you good reviews and repeat customers. Companies that are succeeding are those that have stopped acting as sellers and started a camaraderie relationship with consumers to help them solve their only problem when making a purchase.

10. Make a store for multiple browsers.

Sites that roll smoothly across multiple browsers attract customers and drive more sales. Online shoppers aren’t going to sit around waiting for a site that loads slowly or buy something they can’t visualize due to some flaws in the images.

Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Get Started Easily?

What is affiliate marketing and how to get started easily? That is a question that many of us have asked ourselves when we started on the internet. Basically, any website that sells a product, service, course, etc, can have an affiliate program so that you can get a commission for selling their products or services.

What’s affiliates marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the model of promoting a product or service within a website, for a commission established on the sale. The commission for most products or services ranges from 20% to 80%. The reason for such a high commission is because the marketing that is carried out is a matter of the producer. Therefore, any company that chooses to provide an affiliate program will get advertising and sales for “free” or commonly called “voice to voice”.

How can you start doing affiliate marketing

There are several companies that offer Affiliate Programs, whether for physical or digital products or services. You should do enough research before choosing yours to ensure the payment of your commissions. In some cases, if you want to do it, this implies the creation of a landing page commonly called as «Landing page» or a complete website, that attracts people to search for a particular product or service. The website will provide product information that will help your customers determine if this is the ideal product or not. Finding relevant clients implies an active promotion using paid or free techniques.

Making a web page easy to find is usually done using known and proven strategies to attract specific visitors to your niche. Some of the keys include online ad serving (a technique called PPC or pay per click), search engine optimization, article marketing, social marketing, video marketing, and more.

These techniques can be learned and implemented by anyone. It is one of the main reasons why affiliate marketing is so popular. Since it is possible to learn the techniques and ways that many of them require little or no money, affiliate marketing is an ideal opportunity to generate money for virtually anyone looking to have an additional and even primary form of income.

How is the money generated?

The way people make money is by earning commissions when a product is sold. For example, if someone visits the producer’s website and ends up making the purchase with your affiliate link, you will get a certain percentage of the purchase price. There are many different affiliate systems with commissions ranging from 20% to 80% or more.

Combining automatic commissions with setting up automatic systems to attract leads makes affiliate marketing especially attractive to people who want ways to generate residual or passive income. Now that you know what affiliate marketing is, what makes it popular, and how to get started, you can consider starting it today.

According to the website, influencer Jason Stone, better known on Instagram as Millionaire Mentor, had sales worth USD $ 7 million between June 2016 and June 2017 through his affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing Benefits

For creators, there is actually a wide variety of marketing tools that can be used to promote your products or services online, and one of them is affiliate marketing. For website owners and those who want to make money online, it is also a good opportunity to earn a large sum of cash. But what makes affiliate marketing a good option? Let’s look at the benefits of affiliate marketing:

On the creator’s side, affiliate marketing is a profitable method of promoting an online business and driving sales. You will only have to pay an affiliate a commission for the sales generated by their referrals. With this, you secure a sale before paying the cost of advertising.

Most affiliate programs are completely free for product creators and affiliates can register for free on sites like,,, If you’re confused between different affiliate platforms, we recommend you to visit, to learn these different affiliate platforms through and choose the best one that suits your marketing style and passion.

For affiliates, affiliate marketing is a very lucrative way to make money online. It can benefit both beginners and internet marketing experts because it’s easy to get started. If you have the traffic, you can immediately start the campaign after having the creator’s permission to advertise your products in affiliate programs.

As an affiliate, you don’t have to make your product because it’s already there. You just need to focus on marketing, finding clients for creators, and finally getting your commission.

Research and Development Tax Credit

Research and Development Tax Credit – What it Means for Small Businesses and Startups

Taxes can be stressful for any business but what about a tax incentive? Have you heard of the Research and Development Tax Credit? It is a tax credit for businesses that spend on research and development (R&D) in the US.

Though actually meant to help small businesses, this tax incentive can be beneficial for larger businesses as well. So, what exactly qualifies as a small business? Simple, it should meet the criteria mentioned below:

  • Have gross receipts/revenues amounting to less than $5 million for the present tax year.
  • Have gross receipts/revenues for less than 5 years.
  • Not be a tax-exempt organization.

If the above is applicable to your business, you are a small business owner and in case you spend money on R&D, you can claim Research and Development Tax Credit and utilize it to offset social security taxes up to $250,000 per year.

What are the special rules for new businesses and startups?

The Research and Development Tax Credit can be used to offset income taxes. However, if the credit available is higher than the taxes owing, the unused credits can be carried forward up to 20 years.

In the case of small businesses with R&D expenditures and no income tax liability, the R&D Tax Credit can also be used to offset the employer’s portion of social security taxes.

Therefore, businesses get a huge tax benefit by conducting research regardless of whether they are profitable or not.

You need to elect to utilize the R&D credit to offset social security taxes in the originally filed tax return (including extensions) – it cannot be rectified later by filing an amended return. Just keep it in mind when you file your taxes.

Why R&D tax credit is a boon for small businesses?

Small businesses usually cannot pump in a lot of capital into research and development. Since research and development is a risky affair, not many small businesses would be able to conduct it without any financial support. With the Research and Development Tax Credit, it becomes possible for them to go ahead and conduct research.

Moreover, R&D leads to the development of innovative products and gives a boost to the business. The government is always in support of R&D because it helps the economy grow by increasing the productivity of businesses.

The Final Takeaway

Research and Development Tax Credit is a life-saver for most small businesses in developing new products/services or modifying the ones that exist. In case you have not claimed Research and Development Tax Credit before, you must think about doing it now if you are eligible for it. It can help your business reach new heights.

Investing in Good Product Photos

The Importance of Investing in Good Product Photos

Having well-made product photographs will give you many advantages when it comes to attracting your customers since, regardless of the value of your product, if it is not well presented, you will hardly be able to position it. Remember that photographs are the closest your customers will have to see your product physically.

For all this, after investing in the creation of an excellent quality product, its marketing, marketing, planning, so much time and effort, you should avoid a bad photograph that prevents you from making the necessary sales to meet your objectives.

How can I have good product photos?

Here we leave you some recommendations to have better results with your product photos:

Get a good camera and learn how to use it

With all the options of smartphones and their cameras with many pixels, it can be difficult to understand the importance of using equipment with the necessary functions so that your photos have professional quality.

When choosing a camera, we are generally distracted by its resolution, its pixel or the quality on the screen; however, there are other, much more important features to consider for this specific use. For example, maybe your iPhone X or your compact camera has HD resolution but since you cannot manipulate depth of field or white balance, your results will be quite limited.

Therefore, it is recommended to have a camera that allows you to get the most out of your product image; Additionally, you can benefit from a prime lens, which is a non-zoom lens that will give you a greater aperture and luminosity, in addition to being able to experiment better with light and focus.

With the right tools, you should be very clear where your photos will go: if they will be for digital or printed media if they should be light because they will be used on your website, or if they can be a little heavier. Here you can find more detailed information.

Decide what, how, and where?

This section can be reduced to the concept of photographic production. Once you have chosen the products to photograph, what follows is to identify if they need to be photographed in their environment or by themselves.

When it is the product alone, we recommend taking the photographs on a white or solid color surface, always taking care of the lighting and ensuring that the details are clearly seen. To achieve this effect you can use certain tools, such as a lightbox, which will prevent unnecessary shadows from being created.

Now, when your product is photographed in its environment, you will have to take great care of the details that surround it. Each element of the photography will be important but always complementary to your product, remember that it is this one that has to be in the foreground and with all the attention of your lens.

Try to present it in a natural but aspirational way, showing your customers how well your product adapts to their needs to give it added value. Also keep in mind that if you use models, your product is the important thing, not them.

If you do not know which of these options is indicated, you can start considering what you are going to use the photographs for. For example, if what you need to do is a catalog, the lightbox is more than necessary; But if what you want is to use them on your social networks, the product in your environment will be much more striking.

Learn how to select the best photo from the bunch

One of the great advantages of digital photography is that it makes “trial and error” more efficient since you can take all the photos that you can reach on your memory card. But be careful, this is a double-edged sword that can make it difficult to select really useful photographs.

Don’t be afraid to discard 98% of the photos you took, most of the time you only need one or two photos to convince your customers to add a certain product to the cart. Choose the one (or) that best reflects the identity of your product and also has good lighting and meets the characteristics mentioned above.

Put yourself in the hands of a professional photographer

Now that you have information about the actions to take and the features that will improve your photographs, it will be much easier for you to choose a professional photographer when your budget allows it. You should see this service as an investment and not as an expense since it is crucial to be able to close your sales.

If your company is located or you live in Guelph, ON, then we recommend you to get professional photography services from Trina Koster Photography. They are among the top photography firms, can work for different events like Business, Wedding, Publick meetings, and more. You can visit their website: and get in touch with them.

So you already know! There are many factors that can trigger the purchase decision and an impeccable photograph is undoubtedly one of them. We have already discussed that there are more and more options for online shoppers to compare prices and products every day, so you should prepare to stand out.

Dissertation Writing Help for College Students

It is sure that you would not familiarize yourself with the term ‘dissertation writing’ during your lower divisions of education. We know that different types of writing tasks are inseparable from every educational program.

It is important that these writing tasks have become one of the strongest criteria for the overall evaluation of students. Among these writing tasks, dissertations are usually assigned to students at their graduate, postgraduate, or Ph.D. program. So always keep in mind that writing dissertations and scoring higher grades is not a part of a child’s play.

Students always place themselves at the sea of confusion, when they are assigned by dissertations at their colleges. While students can always go for a paper writing service, still it is advisable to complete those paper writing work yourself. If you are in search of dissertation writing help, hope the following points will help you at best.

Dissertation and Research

No doubt that a dissertation is a research-oriented task. It is a mixture product of proper research and investigation. Research and critical thinking are the essences of the dissertation. So try to choose a topic on which you are deeply interested. It will be better if your topic raises a question, so you can convert your dissertation as an answer to that question.

Start Preparation Early

Dissertation writing is a long process; it cannot be completed within a few hours. Select your topic early, because it requires more time. Ensure that your topic is accompanied with sufficient material resources to complete your work. Always keep in contact with your professors, ask them doubts and opinions, and accept their advice. You should seek the instructions and opinions of your professor after completing each stage of your research and writing.

Be Original

Don’t try to plagiarize the ideas and findings of others. Your dissertation should be original and substantial. Novel ideas are always welcomed by professors. So keep trying on it. Approach your topic differently. Analyze the material resources critically. Your findings and arguments are the core part of your dissertation. Reach your own conclusion; don’t forget to include your suggestions on the problem you have chosen.

Follow the Guidelines

Don’t make an attempt to present your ideas and findings in your own way. You have to prepare your dissertation in the prescribed format and style provided by your professor or syllabus. Strictly follow the word limit provided. Use the prescribed font and size and spacing. Maintain a confident and scholarly tone throughout your paper. Complete your work before the deadline.

Importance of Bibliography

Bibliography is the most important part of your dissertation. In the bibliography, you have to specify the book, journals, online and offline articles, newspapers, chronicles and everything that you have used for completing your dissertation. You have to follow the prescribed citation rules. A good and error proofed bibliography definitely helps to score higher grades.

Editing and Proof Reading

After completing your final draft, you have to read your paper many times. It will help you to detect any grammar, spelling, and typological errors. After detecting the errors, edit it correctly. Before final submission, seek advice from the professor on your final draft. Submit your work on time.

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Why Should Marketing Students Learn SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is indispensable for modern businesses that are serious about their online presence. A vital part of digital marketing, SEO is something that is very much a part of marketing today.

Being a student of marketing, if you reckon that digital marketing interests you, then learning SEO from top SEO Company professionals can actually be rewarding.

Why? Well, let us find out more below.

To Learn the modus operandi of search engines

SEO helps websites enjoy greater visibility to the relevant audience and feature high up in Google search results. SEO is how you attract organic traffic towards websites. When you learn SEO, you understand how search engines function to bring in traffic to websites, which further helps you in creating better SEO strategies.

And as Google continuously updates its SEO algorithms, you can correlate better with the nuances of website designing. You will be able to improve SEO results and explain to Web Design agency experts how to build appropriate designs that augment the whole process.

Excellent career option

According to a report, in 2016 the SEO industry was worth $65 billion and by the end of 2020, it is expected to be valued at roughly $80 billion! (Source) These figures indicate one thing only, and that is the skyrocketing growth of the SEO industry.

In recent days, more and more MBA students are choosing SEO as their career and the reasons behind this are plenty. With this high demand, SEO professionals can expect to earn anything between $75 and $150 per hour, depending on their experience.

To attain more organic traffic

Contrary to popular belief, businesses do not need to go for paid traffic. Instead, if they play their cards well, they would enjoy satisfactory results just with the help of organic traffic. Garnering organic traffic is even easier than relying on the traffic generated by social media platforms and Adwords. After setting up your website, all you have to do is to rank higher by using competitive keywords. However, the only catch here is to generate high-quality, error-free content on trending topics. Creating new blog posts can be a time consuming investment and patience is required.

To optimize website

If a website is not optimized, Google will not rank it against other websites that comply with best practices of SEO. So website owners are recommended to optimize their websites not only for their audience but also to match the standards of Google. Optimization implies the user-experience or in other words, how smooth the experience of your website visitors are experiencing while they are at your website, reading your blogs, or checking out your products.

The initial few steps would be to ensure that the website is faster, consists of trending and most-searched relevant keywords, and the design of the website is with a friendly content management system such as WordPress that can be designed with a high quality mobile friendly design and layout.

Along with conventional principles of marketing, it is vital to amp up your game with elements of digital marketing. To stay ahead amidst the rising competition today, having SEO skills is a must-have in this digital era.

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